What Are the Challenges That Face a Psychotherapist Working with Self-Harm or Eating Disorders?

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“Using the case study provided develop a treatment plan for this client. Justify your assessment and proposed actions in terms of the relationship models and concepts introduced in the module”
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I begin this study by assessment of the presenting problem and significant issues pertaining to his mental health state at this point in time.
Mr G is at present suffering from depression. Due to the depression he will have a lack of motivation, self neglect, low self esteem, and at times hopelessness, and helplessness. He will possibly have anxiety, which, due to his fatigue with his illness, will be exacerbated because of the stress reaction and increase in adrenalin. This will cause him to be exhausted and possibly in need of
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As well as these factors there may be other issues that drive people to having affairs. The affairs can cause scandal and excitement in the media, as we are all enthralled by the affairs of the famous and powerful. This could encourage people to enter into affairs of their own. As we grow and reach puberty we are often not in receipt of suitable education around sex and relationship issues which can lead to some people not being able to talk openly about sex with their partners. In order to avoid affairs the couple need to be honest with each other, not slip into complacency in the relationship, and keep the relationship alive by communicating with each other about all aspects of the relationship in order to build a close emotional and sexual foundation within the relationship.
In the case of Mr G, once we know how he sees the relationship with his wife, we would have a good understanding of how the equality is within the relationship from his perspective. As I have said previously his awareness of the relationship and his contributions within it will be a place to begin work and exploration. If the relationship has equality and wholeness there will be no evidence for Mr G that he is not contributing in a good way to the relationship. His negative thoughts towards the relationship will be unfounded in this case. Mr G will have great self esteem issues due to his sexual dysfunction and his age will play a big part in that too. As we get older we have to

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