What Are The Causes Of The Vietnam War Essay

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Vietnam War
Vietnam War also known as the American war took place form November 1st 1955 through April 30th 1975. This was a very costly war that involved the United States, northern and southern Vietnam, China, Viet Cong, South Korea, Thailand, Australia, North Korea, Soviet Union, Philippines, New Zealand’s, Taiwan, Khmer Rouge, Pathet Lao, Khmer Republic, and kingdom of Laos. This war initially was just North Vietnam government fighting with Viet Cong to reunify Vietnam under communist rule. At first they just viewed the conflict as colonial war, fought initially by France then America then even later South Vietnam. The Vietnam War was something we had to step into. If the United States didn’t join the Vietnam War then communist wouldn’t
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Still today people ask weather Vietnam war was a noble cause to keep south Vietnam from totalitarian government or if it was just a blunder and a sin. Before the United States joined the war southern Vietnam got paid over 2 billion dollars from the United States as the war was raging on. French was later defeated and it was followed by some peace for Geneva. As a result of the conference many places received their independence and Vietnam was divided into 2 different places, the northern Vietnam was communist and the southern Vietnam was not. After this southern Vietnam refused to hold unification elections. By 1958 Viet Cong had begun battle with the southern Vietnam with the United States backing the southern Vietnam up. To support the southern Vietnam the United States sent in 2,000 military advisors and was rising till 1963 to about 16,300 military advisors. The military weekend, and by 1963 the southern Vietnam lost some of their stuff to the Viet Cong. It was a much dragged out process that made the southern Vietnam very angry and they just wanted to win the war over communism from the Viet Cong and the northern part of Vietnam that was very furious. When the president Richard Nixon was elected president he wanted the Americans to withdraw from the war which in turn would give southern Vietnam more …show more content…
This act violated Cambodian neutral position and made them start up a lot of antiwar because they didn’t want to be in the war themselves. From 1968 to 1973 there were a lot of ways that they were trying to solve this other than war. They tried to make diplomacy to of a sort of truce so that they could stop the war because they were both not having a good situation finically, morally and also they wanted a break from the war because nobody wants to have a war. Later after 1973 they found out that the treat so to say wasn’t going to work out and they continued the war up until 1975. The war had a hard toll on a lot of the country’s involved and it was hard to see the point of this war. They were thinking it was a waste of time but nobody wanted to quit the war so they both just keep batting hoping somebody would give in from fatigue. They never expected the war to last for 20 years. For those against the war it seemed that we were just throwing solders to their death for no reason. For the people who are in favor of the war or even people who were in the war it seemed that they were betrayed somehow and they wanted to find an answer. Of all of the Americans the joined the Vietnam efforts over 150,000 people

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