What Are The Causes Of The Spanish American War Essay

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World war II was a war fought from 1939 to 1945 between the axis powers which were Germany, Italy, and japan, and the allies including France and Britain, and later the Soviet Union and the united states. World war II had many causes, various causes were the treaty of Versailles, Hitler’s actions, failure of appeasement, and failure of the league of nations. Furthermore, after Hitler being defeated, it left a mark on many countries including the united states. World war II had been affected politically, economically, and socially. There were many causes corresponding to racism, sexism, and migration. Many of those causes had resulted in many children being withdrawn from school, many families being broken, and house shortages. Nonetheless women …show more content…
One of the cause the war began was because of an intercession by the US on the interests of Cuba. The war ended the Spanish colonial rule and had resulted in the US possession of territories in latin America and western pacific. In condensed terms it was fought over expansion and the idea of America trying to expand, merely not for freedom or even an external or internal conflict. According to the finer times,” Spain was already feeling damaged by the fact that it had seen a huge decline in its authority over the South Americas after the losses incurred in the Spanish American wars of independence.” Significantly having a loss of authority, the Spanish realm was obsolete and on a prompt ending to its existence. The only colony under Spanish rule was Cuba. According to library of congress, “Spain was adamant in holding on to Cuba as it was a financially strong income generator for Spain as well as having been a part of Spain for four hundred years, the Americans had other plans.” Therefore, many causes occurred, yellow journalism became a huge turmoil between Cuba and the Spanish imperialists. Yellow journalism was exaggerated events, and even fabricating the truth presented in a provoked method. Various claims were made that Hearst and several yellow journalists started the war, per PBS, “it is fair to say that the press fueled the public 's passion for war. Without sensational headlines

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