What Are The Benefits Of Video Games

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Last year we spent $4.5 billion US dollars alone on video games. And it 's not just your average teenager forking out the cash to play the latest releases on the latest console. No, nowadays it is everyone from your ' little sister playing "Cooking Mama" on her DS to Grandads using their Wii Fit to stay in shape. It is true that video games have become loved widely and heartily, however, worried qualms from both parents and scientific professionals have criticized the games, on the supposed effect they have on the players. It has been thought that video games can make people more prone to violent or antisocial, as well as corrupting the morals of those who play them.. However valid these allegations are, the vast benefits of playing video games have been overlooked. Instead of seeing the educational and developmental advantages that playing video games may have, many people …show more content…
A study conducted by the University of Rochester they found that games actually improved player visions, attention and reflexes. In an experiment carried out at Rochester participants who did play video games on a regular basis performed better in speed, accuracy and multitasking tests, while those who did not play video games did not develop skills at the same pace. With the use of video games, these crucial skills such as attention span can be better developed in children, helping them later in life.

With the advantages of playing video games so clear and well documented, it may be a struggle to see why so many focus on the disadvantages of playing video games. However many believe the overt violence and cruelty is damaging to the players, and may cause this kind of behaviour in real life, a thought that scares many into disregarding the beneficial aspects of the

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