Persuasive Essay On The Importance Of Exercise

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We all know it 's important to exercise, yet since most of us are full-time college students and some of us even work on top of it, we rarely get enough sleep and finding the time or energy to work out seems impossible. I agree, the demands of being a college student are high. We lead stressful lives but exercising is one of the best ways to deal with it. I get it, at times I even feel like good grades outweigh the motivation to go to the gym. What if I told you getting good grades and working out went hand in hand? In other words: Exercising would help you get better grades. “College students who visit their campus gyms are more likely to succeed in the classroom”, according to data from Purdue University. Students who are motivated by …show more content…
One of the most common benefits of being active is stress relief. According to APA: “exercise increases concentrations of norepinephrine, a chemical that can moderate the brain’s response to stress.” Indirectly helping the brain cope with stress. Regular, dedicated physical movement helps maintain a positive attitude. So the next time you feel stressed or down hit the gym! Going to the gym will give you a break, and give you perspective on whatever you are dealing with. Did you know exercise also stimulates brain cell development? Recent studies show that being active also has a profound effect on the brain. In a New York Times article, “How Exercise Could Lead to A Better Brain”, experiments were performed on mice at the University of Illinois. “Mice who ran regularly on a wheel had more neurons—brain cells—than those who did not.”
Exercise releases endorphins, which create feelings of happiness and euphoria. Studies show that exercise can alleviate symptoms of depression, sometimes even as effective as anti-depressant pills. Like the outdoors? Take that workout outside! Vitamin D helps lessen the likelihood of experiencing depressive
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In our 20s, our hippocampus, a structure in our brain that contributes to the formation, retention, and recollection of memories starts to shrink. As students, we are given so much information, and we not only have to retain it, we are expected to perform and act upon it. On top of better retention, we will experience increased focus and concentration. In addition to the Purdue University research, professionals at Michigan State University (MSU) have found a link between exercise and higher GPAs in college students. Exercise not only makes us look good it makes us perform more effectively. Yes, being active makes us look good, but more importantly, it makes us feel like a million bucks. Regardless of age, gender, weight or size, exercising creates are self-worth. Each day, you get a little bit stronger, you are a little bit more confident, and a little bit further on our journey of

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