What Are The Assumptions Of The Argument? Essay

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What are the Assumptions in the Argument?
The assumptions for this new program is that as long as there are programs that response to those who are in poverty or even homeless, it will decrease the population for those in poverty. However, this assumption is very flawed because as stated above, to decrease poverty, the state can not only respond but need to prevent people from reaching the state of poverty initially. It assumes that although a certain amount of people are escaping poverty, no other people are near the brink of poverty. If more people are near the brink of poverty than there are people coming out of poverty, the end goal will never be reached. Although the programs may function properly, their ultimate vision will never be achieved. This then can become a vicious cycle of people thinking that the program is working when in reality, it is not meeting its goal.
The provincial leaders in Ontario seems to be the only groups of people who are voicing their opinion and statistics regarding this program. It appears that those implementing this program is only assuming the struggles and barriers that others face which generalizes their individual attribute. This method is top bottom rather than a bottom up approach. Those in power exercise “power over” rather than “power with” seeing that they do not asked people who personally experience poverty. The provincial coalition of people will not see to take in the account of the smallest barrier that prevents people…

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