What Are The Advantages And Disadvantages Of Groupon

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Register to read the introduction… I have rarely ever used Groupon but I can see why it can be so popular. Some of the ideas suggested would make for great gifts to give people for all sorts of reasons, or just to use yourself. I would Groupon again but I have to admit that I am not a big fan of buying things online, but because you buy the deal and then take the voucher in store, I would be more willing to use this site. They have a variety of deals for everything you could imagine so with the wide variety of choice you are more than likely to find something suited to what you are looking for. Who doesn’t like a deal right? …show more content…
Often businesses will find that deals will never usually generate repeat customers. This is due to Groupon’s customer base mainly consisting of deal-seekers and bargain shoppers. This means that when the deal is purchased, the client has no real intention of buying anything other than what was included in the deal. Groupon deals will very rarely be profitable for merchants and therefore the possible repeat customers would be the main attraction but this is rarely the case. Also if too many deals are offered then customers will be more reluctant to ever pay full price for any of your

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