Advantages And Disadvantages Of Dual Agents

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All of these costs should be considered when planning your budget and you should expect more than what the lenders estimate in order to better budget your money. Remember that it is your responsibility to contact the respected party that is in charge of billing you for their services. Take the initiative to reach out to the party and ask why the cost is so high.
Buyers & Dual agents Knowing how to work with an agent is very important when purchasing a home.. Unless family or friends are professional home buying agents they should not interfere with the purchase of your home. Real estate transactions are extremely complicated and one little mistake can cost you thousands.
As the A Survival Guide for Buying a Home states, “An experienced agent
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A dual agency agreement is when the listing agent represents both parties of the transaction. A dual agent will write up form and have the buyer and seller sign it, which basically says that the agent will not “say or do anything that would harm either party’s negotiating position. The agent takes a neutral position and helps both sides reach an agreement.” (Davis 80) There are advantages and disadvantages to using a dual agent. If the dual agent is a professional with a lot of experience he or she will likely be able to satisfy the needs of each client. Homebuyers are reassured “working with an agent who is knowledgeable, knows the property, and whom they trust to be fair and impartial to both parties.” (Davis 80) Dual agency is also usually the quicker option as it may take a little more effort to find the right exclusive buyer’s …show more content…
There is always the possibility that the dual agent will not treat the buyer and seller equally. According to A Survival Guide for Buying A Home “The biggest problem state regulators find with dual agency is a failure of the agent to disclose in writing that he or she is representing both the buyer and the seller. This is a great way for agents to lose their real estate license.” (Davis 81) If the idea of a dual agent is distasteful you have the option of having an exclusive buyer agent. These agents “specialize in working with buyers only and don’t get involved in listing homes for sale or representing sellers.” (Davis 81) A great website for finding exclusive buyers agents is

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