What Are the ‘for and Against’ Positions Regarding Gay Marriage?

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Within this essay, the main focus will be to develop a thorough analysis and discussion in relation to the topic of gay marriage. In order to construct this, the angle of this essay will display the ‘for and against’ positions in relation to gay marriage in our society. In reference to the main positions of ‘for’ legalising gay marriage, discussion will focus on; discrimination and equality and respect on individual’s rights. The points that will be discussed in reference to ‘against’ gay marriage will be building upon ideas that we rose in the debate as well as incorporating some new material. Throughout this essay, the ‘for and against’ positions will distinguish between both sides of the argument. Inclusion of scholarly articles will …show more content…
In Mezey’s book about gay families, Mallon states that “it is estimated that there are as many as ten million children living in families with gay, lesbian or bisexual single parents or couples” (Mezey, 2009, p.11). Alternatively, it becomes that more so as studies show, it is not un-normal for children to be involved with same sex parents. However, in reference to the notion of love within same sex couples, according to Ritchie and Baker, they suggest that “people are expected to have one ‘lover’ and anyone else should fall into the category of a ‘friend’, with strict cultural rules around what behaviour is appropriate in a friendship” (2006, p. 592). Similarly, this statement can be overturned and be seen in the context of same sex couples. Individuals against gay marriage may reiterate and say that ‘lovers’ are considered as man and woman. However, why neglect a lesbian loving her female friend? Gay and Lesbian communities should be respected and seen as any other normal individual. Similarly, individuals who choose to be homosexual are considered as their own personal choice and society needs to respect their choices to allow equal rights. Overall, for years people see marriage as only man and woman. As mentioned earlier, the notion of ‘equality’ needs to be considered and respected amongst society. Marriage becomes a legal and public documentation of love and the ultimate trust

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