What Are Stem Cells? Essay

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What are stem cells? What good or bad opinions do people have of them? How can they be used to help people get better, and how are they currently being used? While there are good and bad things about stem cells, many things about stem cells need to be understood first. There are many properties of stem cells that no other type of cell has. One property that stem cells have is that they can renew themselves for long periods of time (Stem-5). This means that they create a large population of stem cells whereas cells like muscle and heart cells can not do that normally (Stem-5). Also, if the daughter stem cells stay unspecialized, which means to not become a definite type of cell, like a skin or stomach cell, for long enough after the parent cell divided, “the cells are said to be capable of long-term self-renewal”(Stem-5). The next unique property of stem cells is that they can become any type of cell in the body (Stem-5). The last unique property of all stem cells is that they can make themselves specialized (Stem-5). Through differentiation, stem cells can become other cells, like blood and heart cells, and do their work (Stem-5). Differentiation has different stages in it where the stem cell becomes more specialized at each stage (Stem-5). The stem cells go through differentiation because of signals coming from the inside and the outside of the cell (Stem-5). From the inside of the cell, segments of DNA send signals for what the cell should become, and the signals…

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