What Are Some Common Living Things, And Identify Needs Of All Things

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1–11 Describe some common living things, and identify needs of those living things.

Identify the requirements of plants to maintain life; i.e., air, light, suitable temperature, water, growing medium, space; and recognize that we must provide these for plants in our care.

Students will:
1. Identify the requirements of plants to maintain life.

• Students will be actively engaged in the lesson by scooping out the inside of the pumpkin. They will also be working on desgning their own pumpkin. They will be examining and observing specific characteristics of the pumpkin.
• Have you ever carved a pumpkin?
• What’s inside pumpkins?
• Where to pumpkins come from?
• What do seeds need to grow?
• Students will clean out the inside of the pumpkin.
• Students will plant seeds that come from the pumpkins.
• Students will write or draw three things plants need to grow.
• Pumpkin Story by George Levenson
• Pumpkins
• Knives (For teacher use only)
• Spoons
• Garbage bags for pumpkin insides
• Soil
• Planters (Solo Cups with Holes)
• Water
• Spoons for Random group placement (Will be colored)
• Station Numbers with colors that match the spoons. Could also use colored tablecloths.
• Papertowl
• Work Sheet
Pumpkin tops need to be cut open, so students can take out the insides. Depending on class size and numbers, but ideally students should work in pairs. Students will work as a…

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