What Are Social Media Become More Popular You Know Coaches? Essay

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Now, with the abundance of online communication methods all participants expressed the need to be able to communicate with recruits via social media outlets. Generation Y, the current generation of potential recruits, is often cited as wanting to be in constant contact with others and being the most prominent generation of technology users. This trend has lead coaches and recruiting staff to learn about different types of social media and how to use these sites in a proficient and professional manner.

I guess with social media becoming more popular you know coaches have had to learn how to use it to keep up with how students want to be contacted nowadays. Facebook was a cool thing that people were putting together but people still weren’t using it to communicate with one another but several years later it wasn’t text messages and phone calls it was hey just send me a Facebook message. It [Facebook] was kind of the thing and now Twitter direct messaging and Instagram and that kind of stuff has really become the preferred method of communication for a lot of recruits.

While NCAA regulations focus heavily on text messaging and phone calls there is little legislation on social media interaction between coaches and potential recruits. According to the participants, the majority of prospects would rather text message or communicate via social media instead of talking on the phone. A few years ago the NCAA de-regulated text message communication with men’s basketball in order to…

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