What Are Psychological Trauma? Essay

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What is psychological trauma? Trauma is a term used in every day language to define a stressful event. Comprehending traumatic events, however, is concerned with the stress that overwhelms an individuals capability to cope with a particular event. As a result, a traumatic situation leads to psychological trauma in which the individual may feel physically, emotionally, and cognitively overwhelmed. As Blaum suggests, “Catastrophes such as the Holocaust and the World Wars involve shock, strain, and screen trauma, with cumulative individual and group traumatization” (Blum, 67). Proceeding the events, denial and shock are common responses from survivors. The term trauma has been explained as “an experience of hypnotic imitation and identification that disables the victim’s perceptual and cognitive apparatus to such an extent that the experience never becomes part of the ordinary memory system” (Leys, 8). While feelings such as flashbacks, unpredictable emotions, and physical symptoms are common, many survivors struggle with moving on with their lives. Research suggests that trauma from the survivors of the Holocaust and Armenian Genocide have been passed own to proceeding generations. Although Holocaust survivors and their families strive to live their lives without being reminded by the events from the past, traumatic memories still persist. Traumatic memory is a wound that cannot heal—but it is something that can be managed well if done so properly (Swaim, 15). The memories…

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