Challenges Law Enforcement Face In Today's Society

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In my paper I will be discussing some main issues that law enforcement face in today society. Today 's police managers whether that be deputies, chiefs or captains all can face challenges forcing them to re think the way they handle arrest or even stopping people in general. Police face general challenges today under pressure that comes from their bosses, managers or whoever over see them. I have learned and studied from past criminal justice classes about police morale. However, this is the first time I ever had to write on to the topic that pertain to police moral about law enforcement knowing about police moral and how they apply it in everyday life. Lately, in the media cops has been showing to have poor morale and this issues continues …show more content…
Now as my first cited source and these are not my words but for on the Office of Justice website, force is described as Police enforce social order through the legitimized use of force. Use of force describes the "amount of effort required by police to compel compliance by an unwilling subject” The levels, or continuum, of force police use include basic verbal and physical restraint, less-lethal force and lethal force. (Office of …show more content…
Law enforcement have to adapt to new situations as I stated earlier and they have to learn how to meet the challenges of today. I started my paper off with how morale can be a problem in law enforcement but now I am going to go a little more in depth of what I meant. Low morale can be a problem for not only law enforcement but can effect a whole department. Meaning the supervisor who oversee the department if one of their officers screw up, it their butt on the line because now the overall balance of the department has been effected. Now there is not a balance of a code that supposed to promote the efficiency of that department as a whole and the officers of that department integrity is at stake as well. Morale as I said is the oath an officer takes to protect and serve, but if their doing the opposite and is not protecting and serving then they are not following their oath and as I highlighted so many times, with all the news in the media, law enforcement is not looking like their protecting or serving and that does not speak for every law enforcement officer because some do abide by that cop and will do what rights while other let power go to their heads and try to take matters in their own hands. Law enforcement is seen sometimes as the thin breaking point between good and evil and by that I mean sometimes people do not always trust law enforcement because they build up the stereotype that the law is not going

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