Essay on What Are Natural Disasters?

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Our planet Earth is filled with such wonderful phenomenons, and there are so many as-pects to it and different elements that make it unique. Natural disasters are a component of Earth to be able to habituate to the climate changes and to make shifts predicated on population and what us as humans do to the Earth 's soil. Taking an optical look of some of the most hazardous natural disasters and the commonality of them is inordinately fascinating. Tornadoes, according to multiple sources can cause more damage in seconds than almost anything else. In the United States, a place considered “Tornado Alley” that is located in the most severe parts of Texas through Oklahoma has about 500 tornadoes that take place in this area every year, so tornadoes are not as rare as tsunamis, earthquakes and etc. “With wind speeds of more than 300 mph (483 km/h), tornadoes are one of the most destructive natural forces on Earth.” (Castro, How do Tor-nadoes Form?) The way tornadoes form is a frightening thought because they can be composed during what someone would cerebrate to be a minor storm. Tornadoes form by having two dif-ferent wind speeds, one in a higher region and one in a lower region that somehow conjoin and starts to create a swirling tunnel of very powerful wind speeds. This tunnel, also known as a fun-nel starts spinning in the air and as it continues to grow, it will get so large that it touches the ground. In one area in Tornado Alley, there can be numerous different sized…

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