Essay What Are My Strengths?

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I thought that Managing Oneself was an extremely beneficial book, even though this book was petite compared to Great by Choice, I got several great information from this book. This book was easier for me to stay focus on and gain information that will help me in the present and future time, such as how manage the work-studies and my co-worker and how to improve myself. There was several information that I would never thought about when I am working or want I should be doing. Some of the questions that this book had me thinking about was “What are my strengths,” “How do I perform,” “What are my values,” “Where do I belong,” and “What should I contribute.”
According to this book, you should perform feedback analysis to find out what your strengths are. After you discover your strengths, you should focus on your strengths, improve your strengths, discover where you are arrogance at, and learn how to overcome this arrogance, overcome your bad habits, do you lack manners, and compare the feedback to your expectation, so you can become more effective and better performance.
When trying to figure what how you perform, according to the book you should figure out if you are a reader or listener and how do you learn. The author believes that the first thing you should know is if you are a reader or a listener. While I was reading this section, I kept pondering about if I am a reader or a listener. I believe that I am a reader, for the reason that I like to have the list of…

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