Reflection On What Was The Overall Experience Of The Year Long Module

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A. What was the overall experience of the year-long module?
Overall, I think this is one of the more taxing modules. It requires a person to wear multiple hats as well as to view things from an equal if not larger number of perspectives. Although this module requires a fair bit of time and thinking, I feel that some of the work can be done while doing something else. For example, you could think of ideas or strategies while clean your room; you do not have to spend the entire day thinking.
I would also say that this is not most fun nor exciting module but I do feel that this is one of the most real and hands on modules in Media and Communication. I guess it serves as a good entrée before we taste the main course: reality.

B. What were the
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Although the brief serves as a good guideline, there are times where I don’t know what I am doing, I just went with the flow. To overcome this problem, I would consult my lecture but there are also times where I would try to look for answers on my own. I think at the end day, I need to learn on my own because, I would not be able to rely on a CA brief for answers during my internship and I am sure my superiors would not have time to sit down and explain everything to me.

C. What were the positive and negative aspects of working in a team?
One of the most positive aspects of working in a team is perspectives. I find that it is especially important in this module as it helps to refine existing ideas. When an idea is repeatedly “bounced” off multiple individuals, it tends to absorb other ideas and gain more depth. Having more perspectives, it also helps to decrease possible problems and mistakes. Some people can spot mistakes rather quickly while others can come with good countermeasures.

I guess individuality is one of the negative aspects of working in a team. Everyone is different especially when it comes to things like opinions, ethics and attitudes. Since it varies from person to person, it can be difficult to get along with all kinds of people and there are times where it is just,
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What are my strengths and weaknesses as an aspiring communications professional?
One of my greatest strengths and weaknesses is pessimism. As a pessimist, I am always on the lookout for problems and undesirable outcomes. Although it is not a good trait to have, it helps me prepare for potential situations. However, this pessimism needs to be well managed, lest it turns into paranoia. It is also a problem when it comes to group work as some people may feel offended when I overly point out imperfections in their opinions and ideas.
Another weakness is communication. I am able to absorb and understand information quite readily but I face difficulty when it comes to communicating such information to my peers. Many times it seems as though we are on a different wavelength and it is vexing for both parties as I cannot express what I want to say and the other party cannot understand what I am trying to say. This a huge problem as a communications professional should be able to communicate fluently.
I think another strength I possess is independence. For the most part, I am able to complete various tasks on my own and would only rely on others when I really need it. This can also be a weakness as I tend to spend an unnecessary amount of time, trying to complete the task, when I know I might not struggle as much if, I just asked for

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