What Are Michael Jackson's Accomplishments

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Michael Jackson was one of the most amazing, talented, and influential people for musical entertainment as we know it today. His talents ranged from a natural and unique, yet gorgeous voice, to new dance moves that are so well known they are in themselves household names. There are three main ways that he was able to plow through competitions and record sales with every album he ever released. These includes the way he would make easy to follow and dance to beats, the time he would spend to perfect everything he would create, and his simple natural born talent.
Michael Jackson has a very simple way of creating extremely catchy beats that are easy to dance to, but also easy to remember in a way that makes you want more. You want more not because of a taste in music, but because of the notes he uses to make your brain want to hear more. When it comes to the beat, he allows the brain to follow a simple bass and snare pattern. There is nothing so complex in the patterns that someone couldn’t tap their hands and feet to the music. Michael Jackson would also use a little cheating pattern in his albums, typically at the end. This trick is that his songs will typically be in Dminor. Dminor is a key in music that the brain naturally likes. When the brain hears music in the key of Dminor it automatically wants more when it’s gone. This is why a
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This is because Michael Jackson was always an extreme perfectionist. In many interviews he has stated that he hates all of his work(even the things he is known the best for) because he believes there is always someway he could’ve improved upon it. Michael would spend so much time perfecting his work that the shortest time between albums he released was three years, while the longest was ten years. This allowed him to pour everything he had into everything he did, so every little thing had a meaning and meant something, unlike a lot of artists

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