What Are Human Anatomy? Essay

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Human anatomy is a very complex to understand and study. Cells are highly ordered they grow and distribute to form new cells when they receive signals that the tissue in some part of the body needs them. Cells age, they can grow old or be damaged, which leads to deactivation or dying of a cell and those being replaced by new ones. However, sometimes this order is being disturbed, which makes the old and damaged cells not to die and new cell keep reproducing even though it is not necessary. The unpredictable division, which is called cancer, of the cell leads to formation of tumors. Tumors can be solid similar to tumors in breast tissue, or they can be not solid like cancers of the blood, leukemia. There are many types of cancer cells, some can be spread into or invade the nearby tissues, others can travel distance places in the body through the blood or through the lymph system and they can form new tumors in that section (What is Cancer, 2015). For example, breast cancer is the most common cancer that affects 12% of women worldwide (McGuire et al., 2015). and based on U.S. Breast Cancer Statistics in 2015 there has been 2.8 million women affected by breast cancer at different ages (McGuire et al., 2015). Majority of affected women have breast cancer family history. Female breast tissues are more sensitive to developing tumors because of hormone estrogen stimulates breast cell division, some young women and girls have not had their full-term pregnancy and because of that…

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