Essay on What Are Harmful Impacts Of Television News On Adolescents

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There are also harmful impacts from TV news. One of these harmful impacts is the differences in how specific sexes and races are portrayed in news about adolescents. One study found that males were largely overrepresented in news stories, being three times more likely to be featured than females. This overrepresentation is also found in crime related news stories, where 80% of TV crime stories about teens involved males. Crime is the focus among all races of teens, but African Americans and Hispanics tend to fare worse than white students. The study found that nonwhite youth were represented more often as perpetrators of the crime than white youth were. It also found that minorities were underrepresented as victims of crimes while whites were overreprestented. This type of misrepresentation leads to strong stereotypes of specific races and sexes. It also tends to focus on individual acts while largely ignoring deeper causes and solutions to cime (Arnett 5). Even the commercials people view between their television shows can have subtle biases that can have a negatively skewed view of particular groups of people. For example, in a study that examined 447 commercials that featured domestic chores such as cleaning or cooking, males were more likely than females to be shown failing at the task or being met with disapproval. This is usually done in a humorous way in an attempt to keep the underlying stereotype hidden. It is used as a way to reinforce specific gender…

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