What Are Gay Marriage? Essay

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What exactly is gay marriage? Some believe it is wrong or sinful while others believe it is a civil right. If you break down the two terms, you will see that the issue is not just black or white. The term homosexual, according to You May Ask Yourself (Conley, 2013, p. 302), means “the social identity of a person who has sexual attraction to and/ or relations with other persons of the same sex". Marriage, however, does not have a solid definition. No one can seem to agree on what marriage really means. According to Gay Marriage Debate (Debate.org, 2015), "In 1922, the word [marriage] was taken to refer to a relationship of one or more men with one or more women that is recognized by law and involves certain legal and social rights and duties. Individuals who are married also carry a legal responsibility for children that they produce together. Modern definitions of the word have much more variation”.

The marriage institution exists for many reasons. Its beginning purpose was to produce human offspring, however, it can be argued that this is no longer the reason for marriage. As arranged marriages become scarcer (at least in the United States), marriages are typically used to join two lovers in holy matrimony. As it is pointed out on Should Gay Marriage Be Legal? (2015), some may argue that this is wrong and homosexual couples cannot reproduce, making their bond worthless. In this case, asexual, infertile, and older couples would also have a marriage ban, yet they are still…

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