Essay about What Are Electronic Medical Records?

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What are Electronic Medical Records?

Electronic Medical Records (EMR) is the term used to describe the electronic storage of patient health information. EMR are used widely in the medical field and help provide personalized and interactive healthcare options for users. Like in many other industries, for decades medical records were all kept in written records. Recently a movement has occurred, moving healthcare away from written records and now to online records. Now, medical records are almost stored exclusively electronically, allowing for more convenient and safer access to patient information and data (Benefits of EHR, 2016). Examples of data that can be stored electronically include personal information, medical history, prescriptions, allergy information, surgical history, laboratory and test results, imaging results and physician’s notes. These include only a small sample of what different kinds of information EMR can hold (Mobile Tech, 2014).

For decades, electronic health records were stored in paper form. However, this form of storage allowed many different types of errors to occur. Confusion with provider handwriting was one common problem occurring the paper charts. Other issues that were more likely to occur included duplicated laboratory and imaging tests, medication errors, and provider miscommunications (Olivero, 2015). These errors have been lessened by EMR.

There are many applications for EMR across the medical field. EMR can be used in many different…

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