What Are Edna's Conflicting Beliefs Against Society

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The novel’s major conflict is Edna and her conflicting beliefs against society regarding what a woman’s role should be, and it is shown quite early in the novel. An example of such would be Edna’s defiance of Leonce’s orders and her decision to remain outside in the cold back at Grand Isle (35). Edna’s growing resistance to society, especially in this scene, demonstrates the fierce soul she possesses. Her realization of the fact that her husband does not control her seems to spark within her at this moment, for she refuses all of his commands. In addition, Edna simply disregards her household responsibilities and goes out to perform extracurricular activities (55). She even goes to the extent of answering her husband with a similar attitude! Edna’s cravings for pursuing her interests rather than being a puppet drives her out of her confinement of a house. Her lust for freedom even urges her to talk back to someone society claims should be the head!

Explain, IN DETAIL, your three most favorite parts. Why are they your fav.? (Use three paragraphs)

My most favorite part in the novel would be the moment when Edna and Robert rest under the orange tree until the sun goes down, as they share simple stories with each other (43). The description of the setting is beautifully described, expressing the precise weather conditions, the mood of the
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Many people hate Mademoiselle Reisz in this book, showing that Edna’s acceptance of Mademoiselle Reisz is a genuine embrace (or else she would have dumped her eventually). Seeing that someone actually cared to visit Mademoiselle Reisz is really heartwarming as well because not many people in the world keep their promises. Of my three favorite parts, this one closely relates to me as an individual because I, too, have felt

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