What Are Dentists? Essay

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What are dentists?
A dentist is part of the health care team who specializes in preventing, diagnosing and treating oral disorders and diseases of the mouth, gums and teeth. Just like other doctors, a dentist can have a choice to run their own business or clinic by themselves, or with a support staff. A dental team usually includes a dental assistant, dental hygienist, and dental technician. In some states, a dental therapist is also included on the team.
How to become a dentist?
Dentists are also known in the United States as dental surgeon. Educational requirement requires a them to graduate from high school and complete courses in general biology, physics, statistics/calculus, organic chemistry and general chemistry. Though most schools require at least 4 years of college coursework to get a bachelor’s degree in dentistry, there are those very few dental schools who admit great students with only 3 years of college experience.
To get inside a dental school, a student must get the DAT or the Dental Admission Test. The American Dental Association recommended that a student who want to enter dental school must take DAT one year before admission. Admission is always based on GPA, DAT scores, research, extracurricular activities and recommendation letters. It is also important to take note that admission is competitive, hence, you need to do your best.
You cannot be called a license dentist if you are not able to complete your education at an accredited dental school and…

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