Essay on What Are Careers And Personality?

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What are careers and personality? We encounter a lot of challenges throughout our careers, but we could benefit from the unbiased pieces of advice. The challenge may be stemmed through our career choice, decisions based on change of career or even the workforce entrance (Dollar & Schroeder, 2004). Other factor that may attribute to career advice seeking is the recovery process from a job loss or even job hunt in different fields. These processes are overwhelming and hence the need to have some professional help. The Myers-Briggs have devise career selection through the personality type that helps one in career development and selection processes. The career planning is based on the majors that one does or did in school hence the choice of the first career. The program assists users to advance their organization and helps in changes in later life with regards to career (Dollar & Schroeder, 2004). Individuals usually find rough time in determining the kind of work they will like to do in various fields. The issue of personality varies but with the help of Myers-Briggs tools help solve and ease this havoc. The tool is useful in the way individual recognize what works using the preferences. The MBTI helps individuals in a decision based on various interests like education, law, business, medicine and many other career fields. In this case, a person who prefers more extraversion may find it fit to work in social careers and those who prefer introversions may go for research…

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