What Are Body Chemistry? Why Is Maintaining Homeostasis So Significant? Biochemical Reactions?

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What is body chemistry? Why is maintaining homeostasis so significant in biochemical reactions?

Have you ever been asked what 's your body chemistry? No, well let me ask you what is body chemistry? Body chemistry is used to describe bodily functions. It can be your cell production, heartbeat and even you pass gas. No human organism can say exactly what their body chemistry is. The production of Trillions of chemical reactions that happen simultaneously in the body. They drive the processes that keep a human body alive. Chemical compounds can enter the body in many ways. You can breathe them in, swallow them, or absorbed through the skin. The body is made up from atoms of elements. They are combined to form molecules such as proteins, carbohydrates, lipids, and DNA. For example, potassium is good for long term energy. This chemical reaction happens in the stomach and is absorbed into the bloodstream. () A balanced body chemistry is a person in good health. The biochemical process in our bodies constantly goes through homeostasis. Enzymes control chemical reactions that sustain life inside the body enzymes must catalyze the multitude of chemical reactions needed for the process of life. Concentrations inside and outside of maintaining this establishes a dynamic equilibrium. Without homeostasis organisms will not be able to adapt quickly to different environments. Many chemical reactions happen in order for homeostasis to occur. For example, H2O is important for the body to…

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