What Are Basic Human Morals? Essay

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What are basic human morals? What is the difference between right and wrong? Is it simply a black and white case, or is it possible that there is a grey area? These are the things that pop into the reader’s head as they read “Button, Button” by Richard Matheson. This captivating story put a woman and her husband in a very difficult moral dilemma. A box arrived at their doorstep with a button in it. If they press the button, they will receive fifty thousand dollars. The catch is that someone they do not know will die. The characterization, the ending of the story, and the theme make this an interesting and exciting story to read. Round characters are what make a story interesting. Nobody wants to read a story with a boring character. Matheson does a great job of this when creating Norma. Norma is a working wife and a rather average woman from this time. However, she faces moral confliction when deciding whether or not to press the button. Norma tries to justify it by saying what if “it’s some old Chinese peasant ten thousand miles away” or “some diseased native in Congo” (Matheson 108). She believes that since they did not even know the person it would not make a difference in their life and they would be richer. Her husband Arthur, who is a flat character, disagrees. Arthur states that there is “no difference who you kill” and that “it’s still murder” (Matheson 108). Norma is selfish and greedy when it comes to this, and Arthur makes clear distinctions…

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