What Are A Few Threats That Are Impose On Gender Treachery And How Does Society Support The Gender Division

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What are a few threats that are impose on gender treachery and how does society support the gender division acceptable?

Many individuals in society struggle with self gender confusion, but for many of them the true issue they encounter is the continuous support of gender treachery. Based upon Gender Treachery: Homophobia, Masculinity, and Threatened Identities, Patrick D. Hopkins proves society has grown to a world known for supporting the difference of others by making a mockery of them through name calling (Hopkins, 169). Some men find themselves attacked by their lack of masculinity; meanwhile some women unfeminine ways are discriminated upon daily at school or the workplace (Hopkins,169). From the time of birth as humans, we are placed with certain distinctions, “It’s a boy” or “It’s a girl” categorizes how and what the child is to identify with. Hopkins states, “categories of gender, in different ways, produce a multiplicity of other categories in society... They affect- if not determine- labor, reproduction-associate responsibilities, childbearing roles, distribution of political power, economic status, sexual practice, use of language, application of certain cognitive skills, possession of personality traits, spirituality, and religious belief” are some of the many ways that society continues placing a double edge sword of gender (Hopkins,170). In middle school and high school children begin to understand at a young age through their coaches or other students…

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