What Abuses Did The German People Face During The Allied Occupation After World War II?

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Part A: Plan of Investigation
The purpose of this investigation is to answer the question: what abuses did the German people face during the Allied occupation After World War II? The scope of this investigation will look at the cruelty after World War II to the Germany’s citizens by Ally occupiers, between the years of 1945 to 1949 which will be discussed. This will not contain information about the treatment about Germans in other countries and treatment of German people that was caring or nurturing to the German people. Only the negative or abusive treatment of Germans during the occupation after the war will be discussed. The events of World War II will not be discussed, but an overview of the occurrences of the war that lead to the topic of this investigation will be given for background knowledge. Information on this topic have been obtained through films,books, and articles, as well as posters from the time period.

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Part B: Summary of Evidence

After the end of World War II many German leaders were refugees because of Nazi war crimes.
Ally victors (United Kingdom, Soviet Union, and United States) met multiple times to discuss the fate of Germany after the nation’s surrender. A decision was finalized at the Potsdam Conference in Potsdam, Germany.The country of Germany was then to be ran by the four Ally countries of the United Kingdom, Soviet Union, France, and the United States in separate sectors.
It was decided that there was to be, “ a…

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