What About When We Talk About Love Essay example

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Anthony Pecoriello
Professor Denman
8 October 2014
What We Talk About When We Talk About Love
In the story of What We Talk About When We Talk we About Love, the meaning of love is constantly trying to be interpreted. At the end of the story we realize that love is something inexplicable and experienced differently by everyone. Mel, Terri, Nick and Laura spend the afternoon drinking and talking about their prior and current experiences with love in the brightly lit dining room of Mel’s house. Mel being a cardiologist and working with the heart on a daily basis tries the hardest to interpret the meaning of love. Every single person at the table believes they have been in love but cannot come to a conclusion on what love is.
Mel is the character in the group most fascinated with love and the one most deeply judging of other peoples love. Mel is a cardiologist, so he is constantly working with hearts, which coincidentally is the symbol of love. Since Mel is the highest educated, he feels as if he has the right to talk the most. He can be seen as a philosopher of love. Mel reflects on the marriage with his past wife and says, “There was a time when I thought I loved my first wife more than life itself. But now I hate her guts. I do. How do you explain that? What happened to that love?” (Pg. 144) Mel has a view on the relationship everyone is in, or has been in. He hates his ex-wife for many reasons. One of the reasons being, he believes she is just collecting checks from…

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