What A Woman Should Act, Look And Be Like Is Sculpted Through The Media

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The ideology of what a woman should act, look and be like is sculpted through the media. Using three different television shows it shall be discussed that the ideology of how a woman is portrayed in the media is starting to evolve, sending a different message other than the traditional gender roles of women society. The first episodes of Orange is The New Black, Gilmore Girls and Grey’s Anatomy, are three television shows that project women in a different light other than the traditional role of a homemaker, as most of the women are seen as strong, independent and aggressive.
Gilmore Girls takes place in a small town on the east coast in a small town called Stars Hallow. The city is festive as it snows throughout the whole episode, the town is an upper class community. Everything is decorated with Christmas lights, the neighborhood consists of town homes, big yards and trimmed lawns. The two main characters are Rory and Lorelai. Rory is Lorelai’s daughter, a 32 year old white woman, who lives in Boston and works as a freelance writer. Lorelai is in her 40’s and lives in a big town home. She owns a bed and breakfast which she runs with the help of her assistant Michelle, who is a Hispanic male. Lorelai lives with her boyfriend Logan, who also owns his own businesses as the owner of a local restaurant. Lorelai’s mother Emily further confirms the family’s wealth with the introduction to her and her living quarters. Emily owns a mansion that consists of her own live in staff…

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