Essay on What A Tangled Web We Have Woven

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What a tangled web we have woven.

As the nation remains braided in a cancerous malaise and with the presidential election only three weeks hence, the American nation certainly has the politicians we deserve.

The biggest issue in the presidential debates is not terrorism, the economy, the soaring national debt, racial rioting, crime, or the disaster that is ObamaCare. Rather, it’s transcended into a sophomoric cable game show about who said what and about whom with an overweight Miss Universe from a generation ago thrown in for good measure.

You would think that anyone who was Miss Universe would need to be, by definition, bigger.

But I digress.

Clinton is running on the only qualification that she can honestly (now there’s a word not associated with her) lay claim, her God-given gender, while simultaneously accusing Trump of sexism to anyone who will listen.

I expect nothing different from Mrs. Bill Clinton.

For over 30 years Bill Clinton has played with “rodeo queens,” as Hillary termed them. Bill has been impeached and disbarred; he has been accused of rape, lying and philandering.

And folks wonder how we got here?

Naturally, the hypocritical national media declared Clinton the undisputed victor of both debates, where the moderators provided her with needed assists even at one point debating for her as Martha Raddatz did questioning Trump’s military reasoning.

The same media that created Trump, now seeks to destroy him. The media’s…

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