What A Shame That America? Essay

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What a shame that, in a country founded on and by democracy, such an undemocratic practice as gerrymandering is allowed to work almost unchecked in politics! How is it that America prides herself on giving an equal voice to each of her citizens, yet she allows politicians to create grotesque new voting districts in order to favor their party? Although the practice of gerrymandering has been used by politicians almost since the foundation of the country, it is rarely brought to the attention of most people. Gerrymandering is gradually destroying democracy in America by drowning the voices of the citizens and by removing the competitive energy and fairness from elections.
The state census is taken only once every decade. At that time, it is understandable that new voting districts must be created to re-proportion the number of voters to allow for an unbiased election. Ideally, the new districts would give a fair representation of the voters in the area. However, more typically the political party in power in that state is in charge of creating new districts, and naturally they use that responsibility to their advantage. They pack or crack districts to minimize the impact that the opposing party has on the number of electoral votes, thereby locking members of their own party into office for the next several years (“The Poisonous Bite”). Although well-known politicians from both parties have been quoted as being against gerrymandering, both are guilty of using redistricting to…

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