Essay about What A Game Changer This Speech

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What a game changer this speech was! This speech at first was not very interesting and I do not really know why, but I kept listening, watching, and reading the script…I loved it. The author/speaker’s purpose of this Ted Talk called “Jon Ronson: Strange answers to the psychopath test” by Jon Ronson is to inform viewers of one important mental illness, psychopathy, and his personal experience with psychopathy. What Ronson did was tell his own story experience; that is what made this speech so incredibly entertaining and informative to me. Ronson’s first words in his speech are “The story starts…” to me, this is a real audience attention grabber because they immediately know that there has to be a good story coming. His story of Tony; the man who faked mad. Tony faked his own madness to get out of trouble…but it did not really turn out in his favor.
Ronson’s purpose of this talk was made successful throughout his speech. He started off just telling this story of Tony and later, his story lead into his main point of the talk which is that one simply can know whether or not someone is a psychopath and certainly they can judge them, but you should not and cannot define or identify someone by their actions or words when they are psychotic. A way that Ronson described not defining someone by being psychotic was saying you should not define someone by the mental illness they have when they are at their “maddest edges”. Maddest edges seem to be similar to flaws. Someone’s maddest…

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