What A Fun Day ! Essay

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What a fun day! The snow had fallen and my children and I had been outside playing in the snow.I knew the moment I woke up it was going to be a good day to spend with my children. Playing in the snow, movies, board games, and of course hot coca. The joy of the day was playing in my mind as we came in from the snow. Now all I needed to do was to get them dry and let the board games being.

However, there are days when life does not turn out like you thought. Coming in from outside, I took my daughters into the bathroom and told them to undress. I would be right back to give them some dry clothes. I was in their bedroom getting their clothes when I heard one of my daughters scream. As a parent you know the scream that says, I am really hurt. Running back to the bathroom I see my daughter getting off the floor. Hope crying, “I fell, I fell.” Harmony pronounces, “Hope’s neck is cut.” Hope turns her little head and blood was flowing like a river from her face. I looked underneath her chin and could see her flesh had busted open. I yell, “Chad, get in here quick.”

When Chad came into the bathroom, He said, “We got to get her somewhere. She needs stitches” The whole time Hope is crying, “Don’t touch it, and I want a band aid.” I love how children think a band aid will make everything better.

Nevertheless when we get her to the hospital, Hope is begging us to take her back home. She really does not want anyone to touch her chin, yet she has to be sown up. Because Hope…

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