What A Family Looks Like Essay example

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There are many variations of what a family looks like. Some families are big in size, while some may consist of two adults without children. When most people think of what a family looks like, they think of the old-style household that includes a mother and a father of the same ethnic background as their children. This is deemed to be the societal norm, however, families today consist of various types of models. Some children today are raised in single parent homes while others are being raised by their grandparents. People who are a part of an alternative family must deal with numerous preconceived notions and are able to use effective strategies in order to survive as a family.
There are families where the parents of the children are from different ethnic backgrounds. These families are called interracial families and they are comprise of relations that are from dissimilar ancestries. Interracial families also include relatives who are adopted into the family that are from a different race than the rest of the family.
Other type of alternative family are gay families. They can be interracial like the families’ aforementioned or consist of parents from the same race. What makes gay families unlike the traditional family is that they consist of parents that are from the same sex. Interracial families and gay families face discrimination every day because thy fit outside of the normal family archetype. Despite discrimination, these families are more common than they have…

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