Essay on Whales Life Outside Captivity

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Whales life outside captivity. In the documentary, it is talked about how Orca’s live longer in the wiod than captivity. Now some may thi8nk that would be wrong. People may think that since the animals are kept in an enclosure that they are better off. Better off by having an enclosed closure so no whales are getting injured and they are kept on a feeding schedule so no one is hungry. And that maybe with interacting with so many people they would have a healthy mental state. Now, there are numerous reasons why groups and organizations believe any and all animals should be free and enjoying the wild and the rest of their families. Sadly, this isn’t true. In the the documentary it brings up how killer whales are starved for their behavior or if they run out of food with training. A situation very similar to this would be the accident of Dawn Brancheau. The day Dawn was attacked she could tell something was wrong with Tilikum, along with some of the other trainers (Blackfish documentary). As she was training Tilikum one last time for her show, and was getting low on his fish he began to act out more. Which then lead to the incident. In an article, i read the abstract just and it talked about how it wasn’t until t5his incident trainers swam and trained with the whales ( Benjamin Wallace, Seaworld Breached). While doing some research I found an article about Seaworld and what happens to killer whales there, that usually won’t happen. On average, an Orca’s life span is…

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