Whale Done Essay

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In the book of Whale Done, Ken Blanchard states that people should be more willing to accentuate the positive instead of the negative. When someone achieves great success in study or work, we are supposed to praise them and give positive responses to encourage them to keep up the good work. When mistakes or errors occur, we should redirect the energy and attention to the right things without blame. It is really a good idea which could help people have a healthier relationship with not only the family, but also the colleagues.
The book begins with a visit to the world-famous marine zoological park in Orlando, from which Wes Kingsley gets to know the trainer Dave Yardley and his whale partner Shamu. Moreover, he got a chance to meet the Anne Marie Butler who later help him learn about the Whale Done Response and guide him to create more harmonious family and working environment. The book describes the changes in Wes’s life and work after he adopts Anne’s suggestions to use Whale Done responses. Through his winding but successful try, the book delivers the concept of Whale Done responses to the readers and tells the readers using
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It will not hurt the people, by contrast, it can encourage people to perform better. But I do not think it is suitable for every scenario. For those people who make mistakes for the first time, it is certainly an appropriate method to redirect their energy and attention back to the right things, but for those who make mistakes deliberately and never want to change, the redirection is not enough and the punishment is necessary. For example, for an offender who has many criminal records, we must punish him, because only punishment can make him impressive and never dare to commit a crime again. While the redirection response might make him feel the cost of crime is so low, compared to the benefits from the crimes, he might choose to continue committing

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