Essay on Whale And The Whale Of Seaworld

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Orca Whales If someone were living in a bathtub for two-thirds of their life, would they be upset? Whales living in the ocean are different and similar to whales living in SeaWorld in many ways. Blackfish is a documentary about whale abuse in SeaWorld. Blackfish is a film that took 1 year to make. They didn 't make any profit. They made this film out of their love for whales (“No Cash”). A marine biologist said that it was important that someone from the outside that world delivered Blackfish so that it made it relatable (“Different pov”). In 1961, 141 orcas were captured, and 125 of them are now dead. People are going to look back and realized what they did to these whales and wonder why no one stopped this (“Look back in time”). In SeaWorld, whales are mistreated, abused and unhealthy. Many people each year go to SeaWorld for vacation or field trips but they may soon begin to decrease as more and more people watch Blackfish and see for themselves what these whales go through every day to just be in a show. The show is focused on a whale named Shamu. Most people believe Shamu is one whale that does all of the shows but it is actually played by several orcas (“Shamu”). The whales are a very big attraction and it helps keep the company afloat. (“Tourism”). SeaWorld tried to deny the fact that they haven 't been doing their jobs right. They tried to cover it up as much as possible. They paid off newspapers to keep the stories of whale abuse private…

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