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Organizational Systems


Western Governors University

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Septemer29, 2014



Nursing-sensitive indicators reflect the structure, process, and outcomes of nursing care. (Nursing-Sensitive, 2014.) The skill level of the nursing staff, the supply of nursing staff, and the education or certifications of the staff are all used to measure the structure of nursing care given to any given patient. Patient outcomes, which are improved by a greater quality of care, are said to be nursing sensitive. Some examples of
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This can also be analyzed using the data collected. This might be contributing to the prevalence of pressure ulcers. The data collected on nursing-sensitive indicators can be very valuable. Knowing this data can greatly contribute to a better quality of care for the patient. Data can be analyzed to gather information to help understand how and why these indicators are happening and to help find solutions to decrease the problems.

C). There were several ethical issues I found in this scenario. The first was the CNA downplaying the red area on the patients back. This should have been reported to the nurse immediately in order to prevent further damage to the skin. There was also the issue with the patients’ dinner. He was Jewish and had requested a kosher dinner. To serve him pork and then downplay the incident was unacceptable. The wound care nurse could have been called in for the area on the patients back. As a supervisor, when hearing about this incident, I would have had the wound care nurse come to the floor to hold an in-service for the staff. She could have stressed how important it is to take care of this before it becomes worse. This is a


small problem that could quickly escalate to a bigger one if not taken care of promptly. The issue of the meal may not sound like a big deal to the nurse, but to the Jewish patient it is a big

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