Wgu Iwt1 Task 1 Essay

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A1 - Renaissance
The Renaissance period began in Italy around 1300 and spread throughout Europe during the 1400 and 1500’s. This period signified the beginning path to incredible change in customs, ways of life and institutions that had existed in Europe for almost a thousand years. Many of the new ideas of this period still influence our lives today.
The beginning of this period the European countryside was broken up into large estates owned by the wealthy nobles. Most people were peasants, who worked the land for the noble owners. All parts of life centered around religion mainly the Catholic Church which was very powerful. Throughout the Renaissance, the
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Music was becoming more instrumental than vocal. Musical style diversity grew during this time genres included: masses, monets, chansons, instrumental dances. The guitar, violin and keyboard instruments were created during this period. The music itself was influence as the other art forms by the cultural changes and the freeing of the medieval ages.
During the 1500’s, a period called High Renaissance, some of the greatest works of art began to appear. Works from Michelangelo, creating frescos on the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel and his sculpture of David. Leonardo da Vinci, who was Michelangelo’s rival, created the Mona Lisa and the Last Supper. Da Vinci was also known for as an architect, musician, mathematician and astronomer.
A2 – Baroque
The Baroque style first showed up in Rome in the late 1500’s. Baroque art style is very large in scale and very dramatic. This style came out of the Renaissance art that were viewed as restrained. This period took the Renaissance style and put it in motion. Later in the Baroque period, around the 1700’s, the style became more relaxed and became considered the Rococo style.
A few ideals created a cultural drive that formed the Baroque style. One ideal was that Renaissance art was again, too restrained and orderly. The Baroque style was to achieve balance and beauty in exciting and dramatic ways. Another ideal was that the rulers and

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