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Environmental and Global Health EEEeeCommunity Health Nursing EE

Community Health Nursing Environmental and Global Health-­‐HAT Task #3 Lynn Senfelds Western Governor’s University

Environmental and Global Health Task A-­‐1 The Communicable Disease Outbreak of Avian Influenza


Communicable diseases account for approximately 1/4th of worldwide mortality, contributing to more than 15 million deaths each year (Kierny, Exclor, and Girard, 2004).
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Patients younger than age five had mild symptoms with one death from complications from Reyes Syndrome. Of the seven patients over age 18, six died (88% mortality). Seven of the 18 cases had direct or indirect contact with poultry (Butcher & Miles, 2004).

There are vaccinations for H1N1 and H3N2. Human trails for H5N1 are in progress. Qualitative indicators include awareness of available immunizations, early treatment with antivirals and prevention. Prevention includes chemical agents and physical environments such as soaps, alcohol and chlorination. Influenza A virus is readily inactivated by a variety of agents. Secondary prevention is available for those who have been exposed. The World Health Organization has a reserve amount of oseltamivir for a possible pandemic, which is an effective antiviral to extinguish or

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