Wgu (Amt2) Service Line Development - Complete Course - All 4 Tasks

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WGU (AMT2) Service Line Development - Complete Course - All 4 Tasks

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AMT2 Task1 (Western Governors University)

Building Advantages (A1a)
Cost of Building Construction: $600,000
Radiology Expansion/Second MRI: $3,000,000
Total: $3,600,000
Architectural and Organizational Autonomy According to the information provided, Trinity Hospital (TH) wants an efficient and esthetically beautiful facility. The primary purpose of the building, other than increasing revenue,
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Moreover, if the new orthopedic center is successful, TH could break the lease and look for an overall better building and location.

AMT2 Task 2 (Western Governors University) Major Risk Factors (A1)
Oncology Services
According to the Community Health Needs Assessment (CHNA), over the ensuing five years 15% of the residents will be 65 years or older. All in all, new cancer cases are anticipated to increase within the community from 3200 to 4,282 throughout next five years; as of now, 50% of men and 33% of women are expected to develop cancer over the passage of their lifetime. The community, like most other American communities, must face challenges vis-à-vis increased occurrences of cancer and concurrent co-morbidities. Existing Resources
According to the CHNA, the community does have resources to prevent, diagnose, and treat cancer; however, these resources are already stressed. The report, which mostly consist of professional interviews with pertinent healthcare staff, indicate that current physician practices are at capacity and fragmented; furthermore, there is currently little cancer prevention and control, e.g. education on lifestyle modification, diet, exercise, etc.
Orthopedic Services
According to the CHNA, orthopedic cases are expected to rise in the future, as orthopedic cases are likely to surge from 11,800 to 17,338 (+46%); joint and spine

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