Essay on Wgu Accreditation Audit Aft2 Task 3

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Tracer Patient Audit

AFT2 Accreditation Audit

October 10th, 2014

Tracer Patient Audit

With an audit by the Joint Commission (JC) in the near future, Nightingale Community Hospital (NCH) is performing a tracer patient survey to measure our compliance and identify issues that are in need of remediation. The practice of this type of survey tracks a patient’s care for the duration of their stay starting from the admission process and ending when they are discharged. This system allows us to assess our strengths and weaknesses concerning policy, procedures, and systems in place to provide quality care in conjunction with the standards set forth by the JC.
Summary of Tracer Patient Audit Findings This particular
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This could have resulted in an adverse outcome concerning the patient’s condition. If a history and physical had been completed in the required timeline, the plan of care could of have appropriately modified in a timely manner, and patient education issues addressed long before the discharge time approached. In general, this one failure in the process unfavorably affected the quality of care this patient received, as treatment was rendered before a comprehensive profile of the patient’s condition could be ascertained. This complete profile could have exposed patient issues that would have changed the course of the patient’s treatment plan. To resolve this issue a corrective action has been devised that should be put into action without delay.
Corrective Action Plan

To correct the deficiencies reveled in the tracer patient audit will require a revise and retrain approach. This will require input from job roles that contributed to the issues at hand as well as the leadership team to put these new ideas into action. The first part of the plan will involve revising the policy. This has three parts which consist of: 1. Conduct group meetings to seek input on possible changes that would seek to correct the stated issue 2. Using gained employee input create and revise policy as needed to require that a complete history and physical be performed within 24 hours of admission in accordance with Joint

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