Westward Expansion Via Manifest Destiny Essay

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Westward Expansion Via Manifest Destiny
LG: How did Americans come to believe in Manifest Destiny?
Americans came to believe in Manifest Destiny, by John O’ Sullivan stating, “God has given land to Americans”. Thus, making the country to believe that it was justifiable, that Americans should expand the country from coast to coast. Though the expansion lead to Sectionalism with the North and South. Due to America’s history, culture, and government, Americans thought that they were the best country making American Exceptionalism to occur. As a result, to make the Americans to stay on the top of the world, the George Washington Farewell Address warn Americans to not make alliances with foreign countries. Causes of the Civil War
LG: How did the events leading up to the Civil War cause it?
One of the causes of the Civil War is Sectionalism. This event divided the nation into North and South. The North is against slavery and has more manufacturing business. While South id for slavery and has more agriculture. More issue about slavery arrives when America gain more lands. The 1st issue was the Missouri Compromise, and the second issue was the Compromise of 1850. Another factor that lead to the cause of Civil War was the election 1860 when president Abraham Lincoln was elected. Civil War and Reconstruction Notes LG: Explain the importance of the main events of the Civil War and the Reconstruction Era.
The importance of the main events of the Civil War and the…

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