Essay about Western Style Education Of China

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The aim of this study attempts to find why a Western-style education in China has done little to inculcate revolutionary movements. Having taught in the the first foreign university to open in China, the author realized exposure to western-style university education in China does not arouse democratic aspirations among students because Communist Party control remains surprisingly tight.

This study is based on the the University of Nottingham Ningbo China (UNNC), which is the first foreign university to open in China and is part of The University of Nottingham with ranking in the top 1% of all universities worldwide. In this particular school, Onsman and Cameron tried to study if the Chinese students in UNNC show a greater inclination to agitate for political reform. Through carrying out anonymous interviews, Onsman and Cameron explored the students of UNNC show little interest in pushing for democracy because they are constrained by strictures within the university and they do not see democracy as an intrinsically worth- while goal. In order to understand future changes in such attitude, Onsman and Cameron took another surveys, the results were used to show that even the majority of the students noticed the poor condition of democracy in China, most of them are not yet ready for a major effort towards democratization because they still see economic growth and social stability as more important than freedom of speech, political participation, and other democratic rights.…

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