Western Medicine Case Study

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1. What were the main points in this chapter?
The main point in this chapter is to learn how to use the western and eastern medicine to enhance medicine and patient care
• The use of touch to enhance patient care.
• The use of the healing process and preventative measure instead of western medicine to help patient care which is also refers to as Alternative Medicine.
• The use of touch as a complementary medicine with Western medicine in the healing process of a patient.
• The use the body, mind, and spirit system in the healing process
2. In what ways does this chapter confirm what you already know?
I have always knew the power of touch and the connection roles it take in the healing process but never thought of it as a nursing intervention
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Back in Nigeria, it is regarded as an ancient kind of medicine; student in this line of work starts as an apprentice and it is a knowledge that is passed from one generation to another. People who get their legs broken or bones broken go to the ancient doctors because they can’t afford the western medicine hospital bills. During the healing process, one apprentice is assign to the patient throughout the healing process. The patients are giving massages, herbal medical, care and some therapeutic touch during their healing process. To my knowledge, I really didn’t know that the kind of healing process they render was Touch and Hand mediated Therapies and am pretty sure the apprentice doesn’t know either. Most of time, people who do this kind of service are always family based profession, the recipes and knowledge are passed to them from generations to …show more content…
What important information and understanding can be taken from this chapter?
As touching has a lot to do with mother child connection from birth, so is it in adult patient too, touch is use to create a body mind communication like holding hands, hugging or patting a patient back. This makes the patient feel comfortable with the nurse and have a kind of relieve or security in the patient.
The important information that can be taken from this chapter is how a touch can improve patient care and how the nurse can take control of the environment to make the patient feel comfortable. Informing the patients about the procedures and step of the Therapeutic care plan and intervention from the beginning, during the session and at the end of the session. Ask question on how the patient feels about touching certain area of their body since each patient is treated as an individual. How the therapeutic nursing interventions like touch, massage does not only help the patient but benefit the nurses who are providing the care. It helps on how nurses can take care for themselves, relate to the patient and their environment. And to be aware as a future nurse, according to the Berney and Snyder’s book to be open minded and never to assume anything about the patient’s

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