Western Heritage 8th Edition: Chapter 12 Age of Religious Wars

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Brittney Henley
Pd. 2A
Chapter 12: Age of Religious Wars
Key Topics;
-War between Calvinists and Catholics in France.
-The Spanish occupation of the Netherlands.
-Struggle for supremacy between England and Spain.
-The devastation of Central Europe during the Thirty Years’ War.

|Vocabulary |Notes |
| | |
|Counter Reformation- A movement within the Rome |Renewed Religious Struggle |
|Catholic Church that sought to revitalize the
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They wanted to establish sovereignty|
| |with in France. |
| | |
| |Catherine De Medici and the Guises |
| |Catherine mother to 15 year old Frances II becomes the regent of France upon the |
| |death of her husband Henry II. |
| |On the death of Frances II her younger son Charles IX becomes king where she |

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