Western Culture And Islamic Culture Essay

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Western culture, through the use of media, internet, movies, music, style and entertainment have affected Islam and in particular, Islamic youth by turning many away from Islamic basic values and embracing more modern values of the West. The effects from Western culture are evolving and being interwoven with traditional Islamic culture in the day to day lives of many Muslims. To some who live in Islamic cultures, especially the younger people it might be viewed as a step forward in the freedom to enjoy many aspects of life not allowed by Islam. But to others who hold the values of Islam as the only acceptable way of life, it may be considered an affront to basic Islamic beliefs. To understand what affect Western culture may have in the future, one must understand what areas of Islamic culture have been and are currently influenced and to what extent.
Even before the popularity of social media and the like, the mere presence of U.S. and Western military in the middle east and other areas of Islamic culture had a drastic effect on the views of Islam on the West. The constant military presence by the West was seen as an infringement on Islamic culture and beliefs and bred a distrust of the West in general and a clash of cultures. This “occupation” by the West instilled hatred toward Western ways and led some people of Islamic faith to turn toward a more strict interpretation of Islamic law leading to what we now know as Islamist Extremist groups. Later, after the U.S. and…

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