West Memphis Three Short Story

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While there are many of people that are in prison for something they did and they deserve to be in prison, there are also probably just as many in prison for crimes they didn’t commit and are now serving time for. The case that usually comes to mind with a lot of people is the West Memphis three. This story was a gigantic topic when it first hit TV and newsstands. There is another case almost exactly like West Memphis three called the Central Park Five. Both stories prove that innocent people go to jail and do time for crimes they didn’t commit. Both stories took place in the 1900s. The central park five took place in nineteen eighty nine. The West Memphis three took place in nineteen ninety three. The Central Park Five were accused of raping a woman who was jogging in central park in New York City. The five boys were all accused of the crime because of their age and race. In the time period this took place, a young black man was the most wanted person in New York. The West Memphis three took place …show more content…
They all had long shaggy hair, listened to punk rock music, read Stephen king books, and looked gothic. One of the boys was even at school the day the crime took place. One of the boys, Jesse Misskelley confessed because he had cracked under the pressure of the interrogation. Just like The central park five, the police got a confession from one so all three boys got charged with the murder of the three eight year old boys. In both stories, there was one boy from each story that was mentally disabled. The police went after these boys harder because it would be easier for them to crack than it would be the other boys. Both the central park five and West Memphis Three went to jail and served time for both of these crimes. While the boys from both cases were in jail serving time, they had different opportunities to get their diploma and get jobs doing something in the jail that made their behavior look really

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